Cara Bella Sfora z Jasminowej

Bella is the gentlest dog I had ever seen. She is very intelligent, all the tricks she learned in just 2 or 3 rehearsals. She learned a lot of words and she understands very well what we are talking about, especially when it something related with going out.

She is obedient and loves to please us. She would do practically anything for a hug or a kiss. She is always by my side whenever I am in the yard. She walks by me and when I am sitting she stays with her head in my lap (that is how much it fits). If I ignore her she is pushing under my arm until I pet her. Then she lays down touching me with a part of her body…always.

She loves my kids. She is playing with them, and by that I mean she lets them do whatever they would think of to her and she just smiles and go for more. My kids are in love with her. My 3 years old boy, Theodor, is walking her by her leash and she just walks with him…she is amazing.

She doesn’t drool, doesn’t lick, she just touches you with her wet and cold nose…and saying she loves you.

Bella won her Romanian Champion Title at only 16 months. All the judges that saw her were dazzled by her beauty and her gentleness.

She is a fierce protector also, she never stands down if there is a threat. She is vigilant and only barks if it is necessary and only once or twice…it is enough. Her deep voice and massive stature are discouraging for anybody human or animal.

She likes to be in the center of attention.   I presented the breed to a local Pet Expo and everybody wanted to pet her, children and adults. She loved every moment of it, but she kept her eyes on me to see if she has my approval. She is very loyal.

She brought pace in my life and I love her back very much J

Her show results are:

. 1* Very Promising, Best Baby in Baby Class

1*Very Promising, Best Puppy in Puppy Class

21*Excelent 1,

4*CACJ in Junior Class

8*CAC in Open Class

2*CACL in Champion Class


6* Best of Breed

9*Best of Opposite Sex

15* Best Female

Junior Club Winner 2014

Club Winner 2014

Romanian Junior Champion

Romanian Champion

Romanian Champion Cum Laudae

VDH at Hannover Dog Show in November 2014 – oppened the german championship

Excelent 5 in Open Class in EuroDog Show at Brno, 2014 from 12 females at 21 months old.

All her health test results are very good: HD-normal, ED-normal


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