We have 11 (5 girls and 6 boys) strong and healthy

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies

born on 13th January 2017 – litter “C”

We are very happy to announce the long awaited liter from our beautiful

dam: Cara Bella Sfora z Jazminowej –  RoChJ and RoCh, Club Winner and Grand Champion of Romania


sire: MultiChampion (Czech, Slovakia, Danmark, German vdh, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Austria) Nordic champion , Grandchampion Czech, Slovakia. ViceEuropeanWinner 2014, Club Show Winner Czech, Germany, Austria), Interchampion – Giorgio Armani from Swiss Star

– www.giorgio-armani-from-swiss-star.com


We have 5 strong and healthy

Entlebucher puppies

born on 15th June 2016 – litter “A”

First Entlebucher Sennenhund litter from Romania arrived on 15.06.2016: 4 boys and 1 girl.
We are very proud of the perfect mother Cheyenne from Balihara Ranch – RoChJ and RoCh, Club Winner(sire: Kohinoor van het Bresserhof, dam: Balihara’s Kassiopeia ) and
sire: Bart from Wealth Island – International Champion CIB (sire:Hunter v Bogenthal, dam:Amelia vom Pirnikhof)

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog – Marele Ciobanesc Elvetian – video

We have 5 strong and healthy puppies born on 9th September 2015.

Dam:  Carmen Ema Sfora z Jasminowej – RoJCh, RoCh, GrandRoCh, Club Winner

 Sire: MultiChampion (Czech, Slovakia, Danmark, German vdh, Poland, Austria), Grandchampion Czech. ViceEuropeanWinner 2014, 2015, Interchampion Giorgio Armani from Swiss Star www.giorgio-armani-from-swiss-star.com

Happy Ranch Kennel-Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Sennenhund breeder

Happy Ranch – canisa Marele Ciobanesc Elvetian / Swissy si Entlebucher

We are a happy family of 4 humans and 4 dogs. I always loved dogs. I think that dogs are the best stress relief we can ever have. They love you unconditionally and they make you feel as you are perfect as they see you.

I wanted my kids to feel this kind of love, so I searched for the perfect breed that could make them feel this way. I wanted a big, powerful dog because I like them this way and because of the safety feeling they give you. I wanted a short hair dog and a weather resistant dog because I am allergic to dogs (I know…I am crazy, but I just love them) and they leave outside of the house. Occasionally they get into the house. I wanted a dog that do not drool. I wanted a dog that is gentle and tolerant with children and other animals and also that is able to be a watch dog….so I found Swissy 🙂 The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog met all my conditions, so I am the happy owner of two wonderful girls that are part of our family and leave in our yard free as they need to be around us all the time.

Theo si fetele    eu si cateii la Ploiesti 3 fete pe balansoar 3 fete

We started Happy Ranch Kennel, FCI recognised kennel, in 2013 with our dogs:  2 Greater Swiss Mountain dog:

Carmen Ema Sfora z Jasminowej : Romanian Junior Champion, Romanian Champion

show results: 15*Excellent, 3* CACJ, 9*CAC, 3* CACL, 3*CACIB, 7*Best of Breed, 6*Best Female, Dac Moloss Club Winner 2014

  Carmen 27.08.2014 DSCF3768 carmen portret Theo si Carmen DSCF5023 carmen peste Matei Ema Carmen la soarepedigree Carmen EmaDSCF6702

Campion Carmen

Campion Carmen

Cara Bella Sfora z Jasminovej: Romanian Junior Champion, Romanian Champion, Grand Champion of Romania, Qualified for Crufts 2015

Show results by 18 months:  1* Very Promising, Best Baby in Baby Class, 1*Very Promising, Best Puppy in Puppy Class,17*Excelent 1, 4*CACJ in Junior Class, 8*CAC in Open Class, 2*CACL in Champion Class, 3* CACIB, 5* Best of Breed, 6*Best of Opposite Sex, 10* Best Female, Junior Dac Moloss Club Winner 2014, Dac Moloss Club Winner 2014

DSCF3743 Bellasi cu mine Bella si Ana Matei o perie pe Bella Theo si Bella diploma campion Romania Bella UntitledDiploma BellaDSCF6701

Happy Ranch Kennel, FCI recognised kennel, in 2015 added one more amazing breed to our pack: Entlebucher Sennenhund:

Cheyenne from Balihara Ranch aka Sasha 🙂

Sasha si Bella Sasha, Bella si Theo Sasha entlebucher Sasha entlebucher

desi la soare and our Black German Shepard: Desi of Happy Ranch


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