Carmen Ema Sfora z Jazminowej

Carmen is one of the three Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in Romania.  She is the most dignified dog I have ever seen. Ever since she was a pup she stood with her head up high and her chest in front.

She is so powerful and she very well knows it. She has a calm and equilibrate temperament.  She is always nearby, always alert but steady and tolerant. She is territorial and dominant but she accept all the play that my kids will put her through, all the other pets we have (cats, rabbits, chickensJ). She accepts all our visitors, if we introduce them to her and she plays only with the ones that she chooses, the ones that are worthy.

She keeps at a respectful lengths any intruders and she only barks if needed, but when she does, ones is enough.

She is very intelligent and she knows very well all the commands I have taught her. She completes the training for a hug and nothing more. She is always there for us. When we are down or sick she just comes and leans against our legs telling us that everything will be ok, and it has to be when you have such wonderful soul near you.

My 6 years old son walks her and she stays near him to protect him and to make him feel like the king of the world. She fears nothing and she would do anything for us, this is what you feel near her.

She is a real GREATER soul that makes Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed to have the fame that it has. She is one of the finest representative of this beautiful breed. She is her father’s daughter : the Multichampion and Interchampion Harley Swiss von den Wonnenproppen.

She is Romanian Junior Champion, Romanian Champion and Dac Moloss Club Winner.

Her show results by 18 months: 11*Excellent, 3* CACJ, 7*CAC, 2*CACIB, 5*Best of Breed, 4*Best Female, Dac Moloss Club Winner 2014

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